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Walkthrough Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core

Item and Materia

Complete the following tasks to get the corresponding items and Materia.


Cactus Thorn:
Complete mission 10-1-3 (adds 1,000 needles to DMW).

Tonberry's Knife:
Complete mission 10-2-3 (adds Murderous thrust to DMW).

Cait Sith's Megaphone:
Find in a treasure chest in mission 8-4-3 (adds Courage Boost to DMW).

Moogle's Amulet:
Find in a treasure chest during mission 8-4-4 (adds Moogle Power to DMW; as well as levels ALL equipped Materia to Master level).

Magic Pot Tricks:
Follow the orders of a Magic Pot (adds Item Mugger to DMW).


Ifrit Materia:
Complete mission 8-1-1 (adds Hellfire to DMW).

Bahamut Materia:
Complete mission 8-1-4 (adds Mega-flare to DMW).

Bahamut Fury Materia:
Complete mission 8-5-6 (adds Exaflare to DMW).

Odin Materia:
Complete mission 8-1-6 (adds Zantetsuken to DMW).

Phoenix Materia:
Obtained during '7 Wonders Of Nibelheim' quest (adds Rebirth Flame to DMW).

Gongaga Mini-Game

When you start the scene with Genesis and Hollander in the Hills of Gongaga fight up to seven battles and then leave the area. When Zack notices a chest falling down the waterfall select the 'I bet there will be more' option and play the treasure chest mini-game. Monsters will come down as well as chests. The boxes and monsters come down four times repeating the same pattern.

Wave 1 (chest): Middle

Wave 2 (monsters): Left and Right

Wave 3 (chest): Far Left

Wave 4 (chest): Far Right

These waves will repeat four times after the fourth wave. The more boxes you get the better the prize. The best way to dodge them is to get out of the river then go back in once they are gone as Zack becomes temporarily paralyzed if you touch the monsters.

Stat Boost

Talk to Hojo when you meet him in the laboratory and then go to the glass pod near him and enter it (this was the pod in which Red XIII was trapped in Final Fantasy 7). When you have entered Hojo will lock you up and ask a few questions and will give you a stat boost based on your answers.

Status Ward Materia

This can be found in multiple missions and if you equip it you will be immune to any status ailments that your equipped Materia can cause. This works for the Dark and Hell Materia, such as Dark Blizzard or Hell Firaga. Combining a Hell Materia with a Status Ward Materia will make you immune to Silence, Poison, Stop, and Death. Status Ward Materia is very useful to have in the later missions.

Unlock New Game+

This option becomes available when you have beaten the game once. When the credits at the end have finished you will be prompted to save the game and the 'New Game+' feature will then become enabled.

Cactuar and Tonberry

To get these summons you must go to certain missions and find them.

Go to the third mission in the first file of the Genesis Missions and pass the boss and head through the path next to him to see a cactuar. Fight it and their missions are unlocked.

Go to the fifth Mission in the first file of the Seeking Prescious Items missions. Head to the east path instead of the west path where you find a bomb. Going to the east path will soon lead you to a Tonberry fight it and their missions are unlocked.

more gil and more stuff!

When you are with aerith for the first time in the marketplace get her a ribbion and do the materia chase and you can keep doing that for more gil.
You also can get more items by simply playing the number-guessing-game and win to get the items he says at the beginning of the game.

lake of oblivion

Wen at lake of oblivion and fitin those monsters tt cum wen you examin the lifestream, an easy way to defeat them is to use blast wave (i think thts the name, if it isnt then chek for materia tht ses "blasts enemies out of the battle area") it workd for me with only 1 hit

extra health

If you want lots of health just find a materia (like drainga) wich alredy ses hp+_% then use the health mako stones in materia fusion if you use them then you will hv a lot of health wen you equip tht materia and if you want mor just fuse mor health stones with the SAME materia

genji items

Genji helmet buy at network shop shade 1000000

Genji shelid do these moves in 7-6-6 gil toss costly punch 999999(just another costly punch with bruetel) and octslash

Genji gloves 9-6-4

Genji armor complete dmw gallery

Best Materia/Accesseries!

Have this Materia Equipted:

1. Costly Punch(MASTER)(HP+999%)
2. Darkness(MASTER)(HP+999%)
3. Quake(MASTER)(MAG+100)
4. Libra(MASTER)(ATK+100)
5. SP Master(MASTER)(VIT+100)
6. Zantetsuken(MASTER)(SPR+100)
Have these accesseries equipted:

Heike Soul
Genji Shield
Adaman Bangle

These Items will be able to beat Minerva(A.K.A The Hardest Boss In FF!!!)

Semoga membantu..

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